Who We Are

Welcome to Invashion Brand! A curated, feel-good brand dedicated to beauty and music.

Several years ago, Invashion Brand began as a passionate vision and eventually became a name. Its conception occurred from my love for music, beauty products, and fashion. This brand was created as a platform for fun and positive change. Our focus is encouraging the world to express a beautiful soul through the passion for music. Vibrant colors were selected to showcase a vision of beauty through expression and meaningful responses. Besides, what is vision without meaning? While magnifying passion and purpose into one space, true meaning is answered. Invashion Brand is a safe place for creative minds to express their gifts and talents.

Our brand has no boundaries. It embraces every race, ethnicity, gender, and age. While wearing Invashion Brand products, you will feel amazingly bold, truly uplifted and strictly you. We feel confident that our products will bring you back to us again and again. With each product purchased, you will learn the meaning of its name. Our hope is that you, the customer, will experience explosions of colors so bold and positive that you are forever changed through definition and expression. Experience the vibe of looking in the mirror while applying your favorite lip wear and listening to your favorite song. Feel beautiful and empowered because empowerment is ours to own and a gift to us all.

Invashion Brand will launch its first phase of beauty in 2021, by releasing an array of pigments in lip glosses, lip velvets, and lash extensions called “The Classical Music Collection.” Our signature lip wear products come in an array of colors that are long-lasting and positively effective. We realize that not every beauty product on the market will make you feel beautiful, just as not all music will move you to dance, but rest assured that at Invashion Brand, we will acknowledge your beauty and listen to voices from around the world as they rise-up for positivity and change. Explore our launch parties, creative contests, trial and error colors and let your voices be heard.

We look forward to seeing your undeniable beauty and hearing your lyrics, so visit us at Invashion Brand to express yourself because you are – Soulfully Beautiful!

Warmest wishes and God bless,

CiCi D. Jenkins
Founder & CEO, Invashion Brand